Monday, August 18, 2008

Are We Really Standing Up?

I can't believe I'm hearing myself say this, but I think the American public are finally standing up and taking steps towards an improved climate. Just a few minutes ago I was watching TV when an ad for a green website,, came up. Alright. I can understand that; there's the occasional environmental commercial or poster out there screaming for attention, ignored, in the world. However, just two commercials later, a British Petroleum commercial hit the screen, explaining the environmentally safe methods employed by their company.

Two commercials. Not a big deal.

However, it can mean a lot more than just a couple TV spots. What it can mean is that saving the earth has finally become an economic diamond mine. If you think about it, how many times do you see the same product being sold twice in the same television break? Other than cars and possibly insurance ads, it's not a common occasion, which means that the urgency of human effort going into the sale of earth's cleanliness is monumental already.

Personally, I have in the past assumed that the only plausible solution to the climate crisis was massive government involvement and leadership, a prospect that I thought to be about as likely as a commercial break without car ads. I had always thought that with the desensitization of the American people, obsessed with our lavish overspending and overeating, would never allow for any type of unified voice that could speak volumes loud enough to create change.

With an (alleged) projected 100 months (8 years) before earth reaches its carbon tipping point, there's never been a better time to stand up and be heard than now. Never a better time to join a hand with another and double that voice. Never a better time to join the myriads and multiply that voice by millions. Maybe if we do, we can still win the world's most dangerous game of Red Rover and prove that human goodness does stand a chance against its dark side.

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